Dear Garuda Users

Welcome! Those doesn’t have IGCA certificate ignore this mail.

We hope now you have your Grid certificate from IGCA. Now you can follow below steps for getting access to GARUDA Grid along with which it provides you the UNIX account.

Follow the below steps:

Step 1: Click on the Below Link. (Make sure to use the same browser used for IGCA Certificate request).

Step 2: Upload your *.p12 file taken backup from your Browser.

Step 3: On successful upload, the list of VO’s at the above link will be enabled. Please select the relevant VO you belong to and register. If you couldn’t find a relevant VO, select *”test”* VO.

How to get *.p12 file: Follow the procedure defined in the below link.

Upon registering at the above link, you will get the below details:

1. A Confirmation mail once approved by the admin.
2. A UNIX account to access the GARUDA Grid Resources.

** Even if you are an existing GARUDA account holder please go through the above process. Once approved migrate all your operations from the existing
account to the new one.
** Old accounts will be phased out sooner.

Note: Please ignore this if you are not a GARUDA Grid Partner/member.

The Complete User Manual : Click Here