This guide will show you on how to apply for a Revocation of the Certificate by the User himself @ the Online Revocation Request. Follow User -> Revoke a Certificate

Step 1: Get the PIN Number successfully from the GET CRIN Pin and follow the below Procedure.

Step 2: You will get a online screen similar as shown below for revoking your certificate. You have to enter the Certificate Serial Number, reason for revoking the certificate and the CRIN PIN number from the above Step 1 in the fields as shown below and then click “Continue” button.( Note: You have to enter the PIN number twice)

Online Revocation Page

Step 3: After clicking the Continue button you will get a page to confirm your certificate details and you really want to revoke the certificate as shown below. If you want to proceed and revoke the certificate click the “Submit Request” button.

Onlive Revocation Confirm page

Step 4: After clicking the “Confirmation Request” button, you will get a confirmation page saying that IGCA will process your revocation within one working day and will send a confirmation email that your revocation request has been processed. This completes the revocation of certificates.