IGCA supports Mozilla,Firefox, Internet Explorer 6 and 7 browsers.

Microsoft Internet explorer requires an add-on which will install “Microsoft Certificate Enrollment Control” into the browser.

Follow the below steps if you are using IE6 or IE7 for online certificate request/revocation

(Note: For Windows Vista Users IE7 is currently not supported. For Windows Vista please use Mozilla or Firefox)

Microsoft Internet Explorer needs an add-on CEnroll Class which should be enabled in the browser. The file associated with this add-on is xenroll.dll which will normally be in windows/system32/ directory.

a. For IE6 browser:

If you face problem while submitting the online certificate request ,chances are that you are having an earlier version of xenroll.dll in your system. To solve this problem download the xenroll.dll here and copy it in the windows/system32/ directory. Then Request for the certificate.

b. For IE7 browser:

1. When a user Request for a certificate in IGCA website through IE7 for the first time the browser will show a Information bar asking to run a ActiveX Control as shown below:

2. Run the ActiveX control by clicking the same, to get a window as shown below. This will install the Microsoft Certificate Enrollment add-on into the browser.

3. You can check whether the add-on has been enabled or not, by going to Tools->Manage Add-ons->Enable or Disable Add-ons as shown below:

4. The Enable or Disable Add-ons tab with Currently loaded Add-ons will be similar as shown below:

Note : Please make sure that CEnroll Class is Enabled

Now you can request for certificate using the Internet explorer.