Indian Grid Certification Authority(IGCA) Certificate Policy and Certification Practice Statement.

* CP/CPS – Version 1.2 [Download: Word | PDF ]

* CP/CPS – Version 1.1 [Download: Word | PDF ]

* CP/CPS – Version 1.0 [Download : PDF ]

CA Certificate

Below are the IGCA Certificates listed. Sites which want to be able to accept certificates signed by this CA must obtain a copy of the IGCA certificate.

* IGCA Certificate [Download: CRT | PEM | DER | TXT ]

Signing Policy

* IGCA Certificate Signing Policy


In some specific cases, certificates issued by the IGCA can be revoked. All revoked certificates are contained in the Certificate Revocation List (CRL) which is updated at least once per month or immediately when a certificate has been revoked.

* IGCA CRL [Download: PEM | CRL | DER | Txt ]

Valid Certificates

Lists of valid Certificates: Click Here