1. Every Institution/Organization has only one RA personnel.

2. RA personnel must be the institution/organization employee

3. RA personnel must provide the photo ID.

4. RA personnel must agree to the responsibilities of being RA and maintain the institution/organization activities.


1. Help IGCA to verify the end entities identity; the end user should agree to IGCA CP/CPS and RA must meet with end user face to face.

2. Assist end entities with IGCA services.

3. When end user has a re-key certificate request, RA should help IGCA reconfirm the end entities identity and current employment status when requested.

4. When RA leaves his/her organization, should inform IGCA.

5. Archive all activity records and send it to IGCA each year. RA Record Form

6. Should communicate with IGCA securely. (Using signed emails)

7. Also, record all email messages sent to IGCA.


1. Report any unusual certificate activities to IGCA.

2. Inform IGCA of any changes to the contact and personnel information of the end entities and RA.

3. Request for Revocation when any end entities leaves the RA’s organization.

Face to Face Interview: (RA & subscriber)

1. Make sure user prepares the following documents before the interview:

a. Filled user application form.

b. Photo ID (Passport, PAN Card, Work ID or Drivier’s License)

2. Advice subscriber to

a. Protect his/her private key associated with the certificate from loss or unauthorized use.

i. Proper file permissions or keep on offline storage (USB Flash)

ii. Secure private key with a passphrase of minimum 12 characters in length.

iii. Do not share key or passphrase.

b. Notify RA or CA immediately in event of private key compromise.

c. Life Time of Certificate is 1 year.

3. Verify User

a. Verify the Work ID and Photo ID.

i. Validity.

ii. Photo matches with the user.

iii. Compare Names in the ID and application form.

b. Verify the subscriber’s application form.

c. Record all the events in RA Record form, and mail once in a year to IGCA.