Internaional Grid Trust Federation (IGTF)

The international community is deploying large scale distributed computing grids on a production scale, across organisations, across countries, and across continents, for the advancement of science and engineering. In shaping this common grid infrastructure, many of these grids are relying on common practices, policies and procedures to reliably identify grid subscribers and resources.

IGTF is a body to establish common policies and guidelines between its Policy Management Authorities (PMAs) members and to ensure compliance to this Federation Document amongst the participating PMAs. The IGTF does not provide identity assertions but instead ensures that within the scope of the IGTF charter the assertions issued by accredited authorities of any of its member PMAs meet or exceed an authentication profile relevant to the accredited authority.

Asia Pacific Grid Policy Management Authority (APGrid PMA)

APGridPMA supports Grid communities in Asia Pacific to implement a common trust domain across organizations. The main activity of the APGrid PMA is to coordinate Public Key Infrastructure for use with Grid authentication. The APGrid PMA is expected to be referred as a representative policy management authority in Asia Pacific.

European Grid Policy Management Authority (EUGrid PMA)

EUGridPMA is the international organisation to coordinate the trust fabric for e-Science grid authentication in Europe. It collaborates with the regional peers APGridPMA for the Asia-Pacific and The Americas Grid PMA in the International Grid Trust Federation.


ESnet operates the DOE Grids Certificate Services to support Scientists and Engineers working on DOE related scientific efforts. This service is designed to support the new Computational Grids being deployed around the world. The service issues Identity Certificates to individual subscribers and Service certificates for Grid Services.