Instructions for Requesting for RA

Requesting to become an RA is to accept the Certificate Policy and Certification Practice Statement and also agree to all RA Responsibilities.

1. Send the RA certificate Application form to IGCA.

IGCA RA Application Form: PDF Form | Doc Form

2. Fill the application form and e-mail scanned copy of below documents to or fax the following documents to +91-80-66116511

  • RA Application form
  • Photo ID (Passport, PAN Card, Work ID or Driver’s License)

3. Also send us a verification e-mail to: after you fax the above things.

IGCA staff will respond immediately when we recieve your request.

4. Arrange for the meeting with IGCA Staff

IGCA Staff will arrange face to face meeting with RA candidate.

5. Once the RA Registration is complete, the contact information will be published on IGCA website.

6. Register IGCA user Certificate

Objective: RA should be familiar with the procedure of user certificate’s registration. The same procedure can be referred for requesting a user certificate at the following link: Click Here