Requesting for Revocation of the certificates, indicate that you accept the Certificate Policy and Certification Practice Statement (CP/CPS) and that you agree to the subscriber Obligations specified in that document.

This will walk you through the applying for a Certificate Revocation.

1. Revocation Circumstances

a. The subscriber’s private key is compromised or is suspected to have been compromised.

b. The subscriber’s information in the certificate is suspected to be inaccurate.

c. An end entity must request revocation of its certificate as soon as possible but within one working day after detection of key compromise.

d. The subscriber is known to have violated his obligations, which could induce a critical security hole.

e. The subscriber leaves his/her organization.

In all the above cases send your information listed below to your RA, requesting for revocation. (Send signed email from the address that is used during the registration). Click here for how to send signed emails.

Certificate Sl. No:
Expiry Date:


c. You can visit your RA personally with ID Proof used during the Registration and request for revocation.


User Requesting Revocation

a. Obtain the CRIN Pin from the automated mail you got from IGCA after your Certificates were created: Click Here

b. Follow the Procedure of How to request for revocation: Click Here

c. Online Revocation Request. Follow User -> Revoke a Certificate

d. After the above step, send a mail to about your revocation request with the reason.

e. An email will be sent after revocation.